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July 10, 2020

Keeping your family safe during a hot Tucson, AZ, summer depends on how well your air conditioner performs. Discover the top four issues an older HVAC system will suffer from that signal it’s time to schedule your next maintenance appointment.

Reduced HVAC System Efficiency

If your home isn’t getting cool when running the AC system or you’ve noticed a spike in the power bill, then you’re most likely dealing with an older unit in need of immediate maintenance. Older HVAC systems lose efficiency slowly as they age. This causes them to use more energy to keep temperatures down.

Getting your system thoroughly maintained might be all that’s needed. The other option is to consider installing a new HVAC system. A new system will run more efficiently and save 20% or more on your monthly energy bills.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner will perform at optimal efficiency when the refrigerant charge is matched exactly to the specifications the manufacturer has designated. Your older unit might be suffering from a leak if the refrigerant level is low. It’s possible that the unit is undercharged.

Your professional AC technician will know how to fix leakage issues, test that the repair is sufficient and charge the system with the proper level of refrigerant. Remember that refrigerant leaks not only damage your AC unit’s efficiency but are also harmful for the environment.

Electric Control Failure

The fan and compressor controls will wear out when the air conditioner is frequently turning on and off. This is a more common issue with over-sized HVAC systems. A maintenance service call will check the electrical contacts and connections.

HVAC System Wiring Issues

It’s possible that your home or HVAC system has faulty wiring. These problems need to be inspected immediately because they can cause fires or intermittent outages.

If you’re noticing these issues, then your best option is scheduling a maintenance service call. We encourage you to call one of our friendly Crest Air representatives. We’ll talk to you about your HVAC system maintenance options and schedule your appointment.

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