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July 23, 2019

There’s no doubt that air conditioners can get a workout in the summer. Like any piece of equipment, your AC unit needs regular TLC to help it withstand the demands of the summer heat and humidity. But not every maintenance task requires a professional. Here’s a quick guide to DIY HVAC maintenance that you should — and shouldn’t — do.

DIY Maintenance You Should Do

A healthy AC system is essential in Tucson. Here are three DIY tasks that you can do to keep your system running efficiently:

  • Clean or replace your HVAC filter. According to energy.gov, the most important task you can do for HVAC maintenance is to change your HVAC filter.
  • Clean Your Condensation Line. Cleaning the condensation line is a straightforward task, but one that prevents multiple problems. A clear drain averts flood damage, foul odors due to algae growth, and system malfunction.
  • Clean condenser coils. Regular cleaning of your condenser coils ensures proper airflow, extends the life of your equipment, and saves you money in energy costs.

DIY HVAC Maintenance Best Left to The Pros

Your AC system is complex, with many interconnecting parts. Here are three maintenance tasks that only a trained technician should undertake:

  • Annual HVAC tune-up. A skilled technician knows how to clean, lubricate, and test your unit’s internal parts so that small problems don’t become significant disasters. Our annual HVAC tune-up also includes an air quality check and ductwork inspection.
  • Replacing refrigerant. Refilling low refrigerant is not the job of a homeowner. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies refrigerant as a hazardous material and requires that a certified HVAC technician handle it.
  • Electrical work. Any time you work with electric, there’s a risk of shock. Leave the electrical work to licensed professionals.

For more information on Crest Air’s service agreements, check out our maintenance services or call today for an appointment. Our certified technicians can service all models of AC units found in Sahuarita, AZ homes.

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