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July 18, 2019

Research shows that Americans typically spend 90% of their time indoors. Other research shows that indoor air frequently holds more pollutants than outdoor air. These facts highlight the importance of paying attention to the air your family breathes. Here are three ways you can maintain good air quality in your Tucson home all year long.

1. Control the Source

The best way to keep your air healthy is to eliminate the source of pollutants. Identifying the source can be somewhat tricky, though. Some sources are obvious, such as pet dander or dust. Other sources — inadequate HVAC maintenance or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) coming from air fresheners and cleaning chemicals — are more obscure. An IAQ audit by our comfort specialists will pinpoint the problem so that you can tackle it at the source.

2. Indoor Air Ventilation

If you’re unable to control a contaminant at its source (do you really want to get rid of your pet?), good ventilation is another way to lower indoor pollutant levels. A constant exchange of fresh air through open windows expels contaminated air and odors from your home in exchange for fresh outside air.

With Tuscon’s heat and sometimes disagreeable outdoor air quality, however, an open window isn’t always desirable. For those times, a heat recovery ventilator can help restore the air quality in your home.

3. Air Purification

Air purifiers and air cleaners are two other options for fighting indoor pollution. Purifiers trap these microscopic airborne particles; cleaners break down and destroy them. A whole-home air purification system can get rid of a variety of indoor pollutants that trigger allergies and other respiratory reactions.

Don’t let your Tucson home get caught short when it comes to clean air. For more information about how good indoor air can improve your family’s health, check out the indoor air quality solutions we offer at Crest Air or call us today at (502) 485-3164.

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